Meet the "Collector's Gemstone" Rings

Spinels, the "collector's gemstone"

Spinel. My latest obsession. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. But I bet you’ve heard of rubies, correct? Rubies and spinels used to be thought of as one and the same, until modern gemology uncovered the differences between the two. My obsession with this magical gem stems from its wide range of natural colors, from brilliant pinks and vibrant reds to dusky lavenders and stormy greys. Sometimes referred to as “a connoisseur’s stone” or “the collector’s gemstone”, spinels differ from rubies and sapphires in a few ways. One is that they are almost all untreated. While a majority of rubies and sapphires are colorless and need to be heat-treated to enhance the color, spinels are naturally colorful. They are also rarer than rubies and therefore, are not as widely marketed as their counterparts. While rubies receive most of the hype, I would personally rather have a spinel any day of the week.

These spinels have been paired with a variety of gemstones to compliment their unique colors. Four are set in 14K gold-fill and three are set in silver. They will be available in the shop on Friday, August 13th at 6pm PST and can be finished in the buyer’s exact size. Don't miss out on these rare beauties! Sign up for my newsletter to get FIRST DIBS and click here to add a reminder to your calendar.

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